European Road Trip 2023

11 Days, 6 Countries, 2000 Miles.

Folkstone to Troyes

  • Day 1 – 19th June
  • Folkstone (UK) to Troyes (France)
  • 264 Miles

After much anticipation and excitement, Day 1 of our long-awaited road trip had arrived. We gathered at the crack of dawn and headed to the Eurotunnel to catch the 7.50 Le Shuttle to Calais. Upon our arrival in France, we made a quick stop at Citi Europe to check our route, prepare our sat-navs, and gather any supplies needed for the trip. Our next destination was Reims-Gueux, a famous historic circuit once used for the Grand Prix. After immersing ourselves in the history, we continued on to our overnight stop, Troyes.

Troyes to Geneva

  • Day 2 – 20th June
  • Troyes (France) to Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 222 Miles

Day 2 kicked off with a bit of sightseeing. We wandered the streets of Troyes, taking in the local sights. We also paid a visit to the stunning Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul. Around midday, it was time to hit the road and head to our next destination: Geneva, Switzerland. We crossed the border in the small village of La Cure before enjoying some fantastic winding roads down to Geneva. In the evening, we took a short walk and watched the sunset over Lake Geneva.

Day in Geneva

  • Day 3 – 21st June
  • Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 0 Miles

We began the day with breakfast overlooking the lake and decided to give the Abarths a well-deserved rest. After a short train ride from Versoix to Geneva (which was free for tourists!), we immersed ourselves in the local sights. In the evening, we enjoyed a cruise around Lake Geneva on a paddle boat dating back to 1908. The Italie carried us gracefully around the lake, giving us views of the surrounding mountains and villages as the sun set. It was a very special way to conclude our time in Switzerland.

Geneva to Turin

  • Day 4 – 22nd June
  • Geneva (Switzerland) to Turin (Italy)
  • 188 Miles

Day 4 marked the day we headed to the Home of Abarth… Turin! En route, we drove the stunning Great St Bernard Pass, ascending to an altitude of 2473 meters above sea level. The Abarths came alive on the mountain roads as we twisted our way through the mountain pass. After crossing the Italian border, we enjoyed many hairpin turns on the descent into Aosta. Our hotel for the next two nights was the NH Lingotto, which was previously the Fiat factory – the one that featured a rooftop test track!

Day in Turin

  • Day 5 – 23rd June
  • Turin (Italy)
  • 0 Miles

It was a truly special day in Turin, all thanks to Abarth. We spent the morning exploring the piazzas of Turin, immersing ourselves in the local heritage. The afternoon, however, brought a slightly different pace and a few surprises along the way. Upon our arrival at Abarth HQ, we were treated to a tour of the offices, special editions, and classic restoration areas. BUT THEN! Each of us was given a new electric Abarth to test drive. This wasn’t just any ordinary test drive. Leading the way at the front was a member of the Abarth racing team in a 695 Maserati Edition, and the Mirafiori grounds transformed into a mini test track! It was an absolute hoot, and we can definitely confirm that the electric version still retains the crazy Abarth character!

Turin to Nice

  • Day 6 – 24th June
  • Turin (Italy) to Nice (France) via Monaco City (Monaco)
  • 162 Miles

Leaving Turin, we headed south towards the French Riviera. Exiting the motorway at Ceva, we took a route through the Italian countryside, passing numerous villages and tunnels to keep our exhausts occupied. Re-joining the motorway at Iberia, we drove along the coast before crossing over into Monaco. We spent some time admiring the beautiful yachts and supercars before taking a stroll around the Grand Prix circuit. And it wasn’t just a walk – we also took the cars around the circuit! We then continued on to Nice for our overnight stay, where we enjoyed a lovely evening meal overlooking the sea.

Nice to Grenoble

  • Day 7 – 25th June
  • Nice (France) to Grenoble (France)
  • 213 Miles

Day 7 marked the longest stretch of time we spent behind the wheel, totalling around 7 hours of driving and covering 213 miles, but every minute was worth it. We set off on the Route Napoleon (N85), starting north of Cannes and heading all the way to Grenoble. The route wound its way through the French mountains, treating us to breath-taking views. We followed a customized route that led us towards Seyne instead of Sisteron after Dignes, then re-joining the official route in Gap. Throughout our journey, we made stops in Castellane for lunch, with brief breaks in Le Vernet and Savines-le-Lac. We strongly believe that the Route Napoleon stands as the best road ever!

Grenoble to Besancon

  • Day 8 – 26th June
  • Grenoble (France) to Besancon (France)
  • 239 Miles

Waking up to the stunning landscapes of Grenoble, we had a busy day ahead. Originally, we had planned to visit Chamonix on Day 3. However, the weather in the mountains was up to no good. Not wanting to miss out, we decided to adjust our route and visit Chamonix on the way to Besancon. We took the Aiguille Du Midi cable car from Chamonix, which took us to an altitude of 3842m. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and enveloped in complete silence, the experience was breathtaking. Afterward, we enjoyed a meal in the center of Chamonix before continuing on to our overnight stop in Besancon.

Besancon to Luxembourg

  • Day 9 – 27th June
  • Besancon (France) to Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • 208 Miles

We started the day by taking a walk to see the sights of Besancon, also visiting the local market. Then it was the time once again to hit the road, this time heading towards Luxembourg. En route we stopped off in Epinal (France) and had lunch at the hypermarket. Our hotel for the night was the Coque Hôtel located in Luxembourg’s very impressive National Sports and Culture Centre. In the evening we explored the local area, visiting the Garden of Luxembourg. Our exploring was made easier by the fact that public transport is free for everyone!

Luxembourg to Bruges

  • Day 10 – 28th June
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg) to Bruges (Belgium)
  • 231 Miles

After leaving Luxembourg, we headed straight towards Belgium for Lier. We had a spot of lunch in the town center before making our way to the Abarth Works Museum on the outskirts of the town. On arrival we were greeted by the very friendly Guy Moerenhout, who introduced us to his impressive collection of over 200 cars, including his daily car the Abarth 124 Spider. It was a real Aladdin’s cave of very special and rare cars. We then continued our journey to Bruges for our last overnight stay.

Bruges to Folkstone

  • Day 11 – 29th June
  • Bruges (Belgium) to Folkstone (UK)
  • 74 Miles

The last day of our road trip had arrived! As we only had 74 miles to cover, we had quite a leisurely morning! We took a walk around Bruges, doing the compulsory chocolate shopping. It was then time to start making our way towards Calais, on the way we stopped in Dunkirk to visit the remains of the Nazi coastal gun battery and bunkers. We then headed for our return Le Shuttle on the Eurotunnel, making it back to a rather windy and wet UK.

Hotels and Activities


Mercure Troyes CentreDay 1 – Troyes (France)Hotel Website
Lake Geneva HotelDay 2/3 – Versoix (Switzerland)Hotel Website
NH Torino Lingotto CongressDay 4/5 – Turin (Italy)Hotel Website
Hotel Le Saint PaulDay 6 – Nice (France)Hotel Website
Château & Spa De La CommanderieDay 7 – Grenoble (France)Hotel Website
Best Western CitadelleDay 8 – Besancon (France)Hotel Website
d’Coque HotelDay 9 – Luxembourg (Luxembourg)Hotel Website
Martin’s BruggeDay 10 – Bruges (Belgium)Hotel Website


Circuit de GueuxDay 1 – Reims (France)Website
Lake Geneva Paddle Boat – ItalieDay 3 – Versoix (Swizerland)Website
Great St Bernard PassDay 4 – Route Between Swizerland and ItalyNone
Abarth HQ VisitDay 5 – Turin (Italy)Club Tour
Heritage HubDay 5 – Turin (Italy)Website
Lingotto Rooftop Test TrackDay 5 – Turin (Italy)Website
Monaco Grand Prix TrackDay 6 – Monaco (Monaco)None
Route NapoleonDay 7 – Route Between Nice and GrenobleNone
Chamonix Cable Car – Aiguille du MidiDay 8 – Chamonix (France)Website
Abarth Works MuseumDay 10 – Lier (Belgium)Website
Dunkirk BeachDay 11 – Dunkirk (France)None
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